Sunday, August 27, 2006

Latest afghan...finished

I've been working on an afghan for months...not THIS afghan tho. I got tired of working on the other one and just started playing with some voodoo yarn. It really doesn't go very far, each square of voodoo is 2 skeins, so i used Red Heart for the rest. I couldn't match the dark brown voodoo so this is how it ended up. My dad likes it. I have started 2 other afghans and 'the' afghan (i will finish it...but i got another idea and i like it better than what I have so now I'm debating taking apart what I started) I am crocheting 1, i found a scarf pattern and liked it so decided to make it an afghan....don't know why I'm so into afghans. Guess I'm expecting a long cold winter. YUK!!!