Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Finished Shawl

Heres the Fabulous shawl with the added strip to make it wider. I love what it looks like, but it sure grew in both directions. And Now you can't see the pattern of wrappin 2 and skipping 1. Oh well.

Had to add a picture of Snooker. A beautiful example of the Australian Shepherd breed. Until I pick up the camera. Then he sticks out his tongue and looks dumb. This is a good picture tho... But then I am his "mom". He's very helpful, carries things upstairs for me, unfortunately he won't give whatever he's carrying to anyone but me so I have to make the climb anyway. If I drop something, paper, laundry he will pick it up and follow me. I had bags of yarn spread out on the floor one day, "organizing", I couldn't reach the bag I wanted and kiddingly asked him to hand it to me, he stuck his nose in the bag very carefully and brought me 1 skein of yarn. So smart!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wrapping with a straw

Just a quick post to show how to wrap using a straw. keeps tension even. Coarse if your like me this will make you a straw thief! I now collect straws, different kinds for different yarns.